I am Pille Pesti, born in 1974 on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia. Since 2004 I have been living in The Netherlands, now back in dear Estonia.  I first encountered yoga more than ten years ago.  My perception of yoga has been changing over the years, becoming an increasingly important  part of my life.

My background is in psychology and I have enjoyed working in several psychiatric institutions. Still, I missed a more holistic approach viewing the human being as a whole: our body, mind and spirit are all of great importance and mutually influencing each other continuously. Since I started to deepen myself in the practice of yoga, everything has fallen into its place. The study of psychology (functioning of the human psyche), study of medicine (physical functioning of the body), the interest in how the mind and body mutually influence each other (are interrelated) and my interest in Eastern philosophies came together through yoga.

In 2010 I completed the Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours) at Svahayoga in Amsterdam. In 2012 I attended the first module of the Yin Yoga teacher training with Paul Grilley. Besides I have practiced Vipassana meditation and followed a number of workshops with various international yoga teachers, among others Clive Sheridan, Katchie Ananda, Ana Forrest, Paul & Suzee Grilley. In the beginning of 2013 I graduated from the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies as an Ayurvedic Nutritional Advisor.

I am grateful to all the teachers who have inspired me on my path - and still do.