Ayurveda is an ancient and well tested health system and means knowledge of life in Sanskrit. What particularly appeals to me in Ayurveda is that each individual is seen and treated as unique. More important than the general rules is what each person needs in order to regain or find a better balance in their life. 

An Ayurvedic nutritional consultation helps you to look at your eating patterns and daily habits to see how you can live a healthier and more harmonious life. Sometimes even small changes in your daily patterns can bring influential changes with them.

During the first appointment we look at your needs and complaints. Based on a number of questions and your own input, I will advise you on the best suitable course for the moment. After the consult you will receive the advice and/ or recipes on paper.

Rates for the nutritional consultation:                                                                      
First consultation (90 min): € 45                                                          
Follow-up (60 min): € 35

Ayurvedic workshops (theory and/ or cooking workshops) are also possible. Contact via email for further details.