An overview of the styles:

Vinyasa yoga - strength and flexibility   
In Vinyasa yoga the postures are dynamically linked with each other and are connected to your breathing. Vinyasa yoga develops stamina, strength and flexibility. The postures are performed with attention and in a playful way to create space for a more relaxed mind. The lessons include short meditation and/ or breathing exercises (pranayama).

Yin Yang yoga - dynamic and relaxing

This lesson begins with active (yang) postures and moves on to more meditative (yin) postures. Yang yoga works more on the muscles, the postures help to develop strength and endurance, to become stronger and more supple. Yin yoga helps to learn to let go and to achieve a deeper relaxation. The postures are held longer and stimulate the connective tissue. The lesson ends with a short relaxation and/or a breathing exercise.

Yin yoga - deepening and letting go

In Yin yoga the poses are held longer and stimulate the connective tissue (such as fascia and ligaments) in a gentle way. This helps the joints to stay healthy and flexible. Connective tissue is less elastic than the muscles and therefore more time is needed. Yin yoga helps to learn to let go and to reach a deeper relaxation, stimulates the meridians and is a good preparation for meditation. So it is a perfect complement to the more practiced forms of yang yoga.

Private Class – personal and one-on-one

This lesson is tailored specially for you and will take into account your individual needs and limitations. In this way we can best work on your personal process, on the physical and/or mental level. Personal yoga coaching is a good choice if you need more personal attention during a yoga class. For example if you are just getting started with yoga or are looking to deepen your personal practice. Price for a class (60 min) is  € 35, for two € 45, introduction price  € 25! Please contact me to request more information and/ or to make an appointment.